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Installation and Services

Best Water Purifier Installation Services In Pune, Maharashtra

Buying a water purifier is not enough. You need to install the water purifier correctly in terms of both external and internal installation. 

No doubt that there are manuals that come with water purifiers that will guide you through the installation process but we know that it gets complicated sometimes. The other option is to call a handyman to get it done which will charge you some bucks.

Life isn’t possible without water and very specific to water, we mean clean and pure water.

Nowadays it is necessary to filter before using it for domestic purposes. Every Water treatment requires proper installation,servicing,repairing and maintenance whether you have fitted the Best Water purifier.

So, Aqua Clear Solution provides you best water purifier installation services in Pune.

Call best Water Purifier installation services in Pune.

Why you need for proper water purifier installation services?

What if the water purifier is not installed properly? Here are the reasons why you need to do the proper installation of purifiers –

● Proper installation of the Water Purifier will ensure that it will function properly.
● Place it away from heat and direct sunlight to increase its life and durability.
● Mount it on a height that will give you ease to fill the containers.
● Choose locations that have a good electricity supply near it.

AquaClear Solution Water Purifier Service Center in Pune Provides:

Installation: Our skilled technicians are available for one call in Pune for Installation process.

Basic service: Our Water Purifier service provider can be hired to maintain for a long time in Pune .

Repair: If you face problems with your Water Purifier unit, call our Pune inspection team of the Water Purifier Service Centre.

Follow these simple installation steps at home to install your Water Purifier.
● Tap/Faucet Installation
● Drain Saddle Fitting
● Install the Inlet Feed Valve
● Assemble Pre-Filter
● Assembling Storage Tank and Filter Compartment
● RO Membrane Installation
● Run the System

After successful installation, drain the first water supply. Do not consume the first batch of water

Call best Water Purifier installation services in Pune.

AquaClear Solution : Process of Working

One thing to remember before going for the installation – cut the water supply of the respective tab, which is going to be used in the process. Go ahead with the steps below once you are done with this :

1. Select the location most suitable to place the water purifier and then mark the distance between the bolt hanger behind the purifier and make sure to keep the same distance.

2. Now depending on the screws drill the marked spots. Insert the screws in the drilled holes and tighten the screws. While doing so make the use of a hammer to balance it with the walls.

3. Now hang the purifier on the screws correctly. If the screws are not getting placed, recheck the distance and balance correctly.

With these steps you are done with the water purifier installation. Now it’s time for the tap connection. Make sure you have a clean thick cloth with you in this process to clean the unexpected water sprays.

1. The connection starts with the 3-way connector to be inserted into the ball valve (S.S.) in its 0.25inch port completely and tightly.

2. Remove the house tap from its pipe where you want to make the connection. One end of the 3 – way connector should be placed in the pipe and the other end to the removed tap. It should be parallel like a passage between the tap and the pipe.

3. Tighten both connections with plumbing tape and seals.

The last thing you need to do is connecting tap with purifier and reject pipe

1. Connect the Food Grade Pipe with the ball valve in the 3-way connector and the other end of the pipe to the water inlet slot of the purifier.

2. Connect the Food Grade Pipe with the purifier slot of rejected water and leave the other end in the sink.

3. Now open the tap water supply which was closed initially.

Still not done. Plugin the purifier’s socket to the electrical power supply, wait for 2-3 minutes, and that’s it. All set to taste the clean, clear, healthy and tasty water.

When you face any problem with installation, it is better to seek professional assistance from our water purifier service so that you can enjoy pure water without any interruption and inconvenience. For any kind of water purifier installation,repair or maintenance services book your appointment with AquaClear Solution.

Call best Water Purifier installation services in Pune.

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